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Welcome to Practical Wedding Guide!

I created this wedding guide site in 2009, however, in 2010, I decided to move all the entries into my wordpress wedding site, unfortunately, when I changed my mind and decided to stick with blogspot, I could no longer import all the entries I posted in my wordpress wedding site, so what I have here are just few of the entries I wrote about WEDDING ETIQUETTE. I am still trying to find ways how to successfully import the rest of practical wedding guide posts I had written in my wordpress account.

One big reason why I got an idea to put up a practical wedding guide site is due to the fact that a lot of bride-to-be are seeking wedding resources online, how the preparation should be done without missing the point and how everything should be handled without too much stress.

One reason also why I included the wedding etiquette and manners is due to my observation every time I attend a wedding event. Though we have our own views and concepts how a certain wedding affair should go and organize and certainly couples have their own style and preferences how everything should be planned, still, there are important information and details, manners to be exact, that need to be given enough attention to make the ceremony more meaningful and memorable without creating a mess. 

And just like other social events, a wedding affair is also a delicate social gathering that should be organized meaningfully with a touch of creativity. Due to pressure and tension of the preparation leading to the big day, couples have no time to put special attention to etiquette evaluation, most of the wedding planners also never actually put into consideration the crucial etiquette in a wedding event, thus, I created this site to serve as a guide to couple and organizers.

You may have your own style in mind how to organize your wedding, but a little guide and information from different resources may provide an enormous help to make the celebration smooth, relaxing and stylish and most of all very memorable, free from clutters.

Wedding should not be necessarily expensive and, certainly, should not stress-out couple. With a proper planning, creativity and style, you can have your memorable wedding without spending a fortune.

I am an event organizing wannabe and some of the tips I shared here are based on my own style in organizing a simple but elegant wedding.

Thank you for visiting this site and best wishes to both of you!


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