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Honeymoon Destination Ideas

Best Honeymoon destinations to consider!!

According to a travel book guide for honeymooners, wedding preparations entail pressure and tension that most of the newlyweds cannot wait another day to jump off and escape to a paradise for a relaxing getaway where they could be alone at last.

After all the anxieties and stress the couple undergone on their big day, the only luxury they always look forward is the honeymoon period to wind down. Most newlyweds love to spend their first few weeks as couples to fabulous destinations such as beaches and romantic regions to relish every private moment of sweetness and romance. 

The following are some of the most famous honeymoon getaways in the world:


The scenic surroundings,  cool morning air, romantic sugary shorelines and a spectacular view of the horizon at sunrise or sunset are what make beaches the most famous honeymoon destinations.

Popular beaches for honeymooners:

Amanpulo, Philippines - This private luxury resort located in Palawan, Philippines, is mostly favored by honeymooners around the world because of its exclusive accommodations. Not often visited by throng of travelers due to its very expensive rates, Amanpulo nevertheless is a perfect choice for couples who want to spend a relaxing holiday in an ultra exclusive environment. Just make a room for your honeymoon budget to fit this ambitious destination. Famous honeymooners at Amanpulo: Prince Joachim of Denmark and first wife, Alexandra Manley, Karen Davila and DJ Sta.Ana, Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez, Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago.

Anguilla - This is one of the British overseas territories in North America known for its terrific setting near the Caribbean Sea. This relatively small island is endowed with natural wonders of romantic beaches and tropical plants. 

Bali, Indonesia - Closer to the Philippines, Bali, perhaps, is one of the most ideal choices for Filipino couples. This is one of the provinces of Indonesia located near Java. Bali is surrounded with coral reefs, white sand beaches and tropical forest. Its main tourist locations are Kuta, Seminyak and Sanur which are famous for its ivory coastlines. Bali is the most common site for weddings among socialites. 

Bora-Bora, French Polynesia - This small island in the South Pacific is often called  "The Paradise of the South Pacific Sea" because of its mystical scenery of wonderful seaside, crystal blue water and idyllic surroundings. Bora-Bora has an array of romantic villas and beaches. Famous honeymooners: Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, Princess Victoria of Sweden and Daniel Westling.

Ibiza, Spain - Popularly known as Europe's clubbing destination, Ibiza offers wide varieties of entertainment which the newly weds might want to enjoy while holidaying. Ibiza is one of Europe's most famous holiday destinations because of its beautiful beaches and countryside. Famous visitors at Ibiza: Prince William, Prince Harry, Princess Caroline of Monaco and children and other European royals.

Maldives - A small island nation off the tip of India, its beach resorts are some of the most popular destinations in the world because it offers seclusion, privacy and luxury. Maldives is composed of several atolls and its surface is almost floating by the sea. Due to its location in the Indian Ocean, the country is blessed with beautiful beaches, sparkling cobalt-blue water, lagoons, sugary sand and lush tropical plants. Famous honeymooners: Tom Cruise and third wife Katie Holmes, Mirriam Quiambao and her former husband

Mykonos, Greece - Who would not want to go to Mykonos? The place itself echoes a rich ancient myth history of being the birthplace of Apollo, the Greek god of the moon. This incredible Greek Island offers a magnificent view of the Mediterranean with dreamy seaside and crystal blue water.

Mustique Island - Located along the West Indies in North America, this magnificent island is home to a luxurious life which the rich and the famous often indulge. Known for its very exclusive and superb accommodations, Mustique Island provides honeymooners with a beautiful feeling of being in a paradise. With its tropical surroundings, coconut trees nearby, ivory sand, sparkling turquoise water and dramatic sunset, Mustique no doubt is where privacy and romance lay ahead. One of the favourite holiday destinations among British royals, this small island offers private villas to be rented by honeymooners. Frequent visitors at Mustique: Prince William, Kate Middleton, Tommy Hillfiger, Sir Richard Branson and family

Saint Barth - Formally known as Saint Bathelemy, this beautiful island in the Caribbean is part of the French collectivity in the West Indies. Famous for its terrific beaches and surroundings, Saint Barth, no doubt is one of the most ideal destinations for honeymooners.

Santorini, Greece - Its terrific view along the Mediterranean with its crystal blue water and airy surroundings, quiet and tranquil environment, historical villages and mystical existence made Santorini one of the most spectacular honeymoon destinations in the world.

Seychelles - This small African country is famous for its spectacular beaches with sun-kissed shoreline and crystal blue water. Its location along the Indian Ocean provided the country with stunning beaches and romantic environment. Prince William and Kate Middleton chose one of the secluded beach resorts in Seychelles for their honeymoon because of its very private and exclusive location. Famous honeymooners: Prince William and Kate Middleton.


While other honeymooners love to frolic around the magical environment of some of the world's famous beaches, other couples prefer to spend a quiet moment together at the natural setting of the countryside. The tranquil surrounding, lush green plants, chirping of the birds and stillness of the mother earth are perfect scenery to spend time alone at last.

Some of the most romantic regions in the world:

Bavaria, Germany - A fairytale region in Germany, Bavaria is home to Neuschwanstein Castle, the 19th century fairytale castle of King Ludwig II built on the rugged cliff of Schwangau district, South of Bavaria. This castle of fantasy already appeared several times in fairytale movies and the inspiration of Sleeping Beauty's castle in Disneyland.

The amazing castle of King Ludwig II, the "Neushcwanstein Castle", romantically carved on the hillside of Bavaria region of Germany. This is one of the most visited landmarks in the world.

Cornwall, England - Cornwall is a picturesque countryside in England with incredible resources of soothing fresh air and beautiful landscape. The abundant green plants are cascading on each corner of the countryside, couples may take a quiet walk in the afternoon on its green fields facing the romantic sunset. Hotels and apartments offer a spectacular view of the environment.

Isle of Skye, Scotland - This amazing Scottish island offers a terrific view of mountains, hilltops and beautiful seaside. The relaxing view of the sea that nestled along mountains and castles nearby, made Isle of Skye the best honeymoon destination for couples who want to spend time alone by the beach.
Tuscany, Italy - Known for its beautiful landscape of flowers and vineyards, Tuscany is one of Europe's most fascinating regions. The countryside offers serenity and style with unique culinary tradition and reflects the region's artistic legacy on culture. Its capital city, Florence, is one of Italy's most popular tourist destinations. Sienna is another interesting city to visit in Tuscany, it echoes the rich history of its vivid past through castle ruins, hilltop, vineyards and ancient buildings.

Travelling abroad entails lots of preparation financially. So if you are contemplating to spend your  honeymoon overseas plan it ahead of your big day to allow enough time to fit everything into your tight budget.

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