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Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Wedding Day

Usually, weddings are held in mid-morning or in the afternoon, so what will the bride and groom gonna do ahead of the time before they take their turn on the aisle?

Here's some useful guide from, a prominent site for manners, etiquette and royalty from UK, to help you get through on your big day without missing the point.

Customarily, bride and groom should never see each other the night before the wedding day. So everything they want to talk about should be accomplished two days before the big day. If there's any rush things to be attended to on the morning of the wedding or the night before, they must relay it to the chief organizer or to the best man and maid of honor.

The couple's present

High society figures always have a gift for each other to mark their wedding day, while it is okay to give the present a day before the wedding, the most touching and surprising gesture is to deliver the present, through the help of the maid of honor and best man, on the morning of the wedding day.

The Bride

The bride is expected to wake up early on the day of the wedding to get things done smoothly and to avoid getting nervous, a quick shower and a light meal are part of this routine. The only responsibility that the bride will take at this time is to relax and be comfortable with herself. Other things can be put off until the ceremony is done.

Maid of Honor

The main occupation of the maid of honor on the wedding day, aside from standing at the receiving line with the rest of the wedding attendants at the reception venue to welcome the guests, is to assist the bride and "carry everything the bride will need on that day, she must have a mobile to contact concerned people should an emergency arises" according to Debretts. Bride's maids should assist the maid of honor with other needs and errands such as checking the bride's accessories and other essentials. They must stay with the bride at the hotel and accompany her on her way to the church.

The Groom

While there are no elaborate preparations for the groom to do on his wedding day and no attire and make up to overtly fuss to, the groom still needs to get himself ready early for the big day. If he will be taking his route from the hotel to the church, he must come there early accompanied by his best man and male attendants. It's a sweet gesture for him to order a present for his and his bride's parents a day before the wedding and let his best man and attendants hand it over to them (parents) at the reception.

Best Man

No other people (other than the wedding organizer) busier on the wedding day except the best man and the maid of honor.They should not treat themselves as guests on the big day but as assistants so they must make sure the things needed by the couple are well prepared. The best man's primary role is to carry the wedding rings (and not by little boys or girls), normally the rings are safely put in a little box and tucked under the suit of the best man. He must carry a mobile to contact concerned people in case of an emergency or other errands and must coordinate with the maid of honor and the official organizer of the event.

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