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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ten Best Wedding Reminders and Manners

Too much excitement or the lack of it might bring disaster to your big day, why not try to relax and enjoy the planning? Make sure you avoid being too edgy and too focus and just let the excitement flows. Take the following reminders from Marie Claire:

1. Do not forget what the day is all about. It's your wedding and the best to make things work is to relish the moment of fun and celebration. Do not think too much how a slight mistake may ruin your big day.

2. Let your future better half share the task during the planning process. Do not take all the burden by yourself. Consult her or him most often. Ask opinion.

3. Prepare a contingency plan for your big day. If the reception will be held out door, what if there's a heavy downpour? What if a sudden strong winds blow off your table linen?

4. For the couple: Try to be considerate with your guests, never request anything from them, gifts, what to bring, etcetera. For the guests: Maintain good manners while attending a wedding, do not make unnecessary scene.

5. Go over with the details of the big day do not just entrust it to the organizer after all you never dream to be surprised in your own wedding day.

6. Avoid wasting money. Stick on the budget. Scrap unnecessary expenses.

7. Meet your wedding attendants three days before the big day, give them clear instructions what to do and how to exercise their roles, where to sit, what to expect from them and the errands they will be making.

8. Do not experiment strange make up or hairstyle a day before the wedding, it might be too dangerous for your appearance and it's too late to scramble for solutions should allergy creeps in or should a new haircut is not best for you.

9. Do not stay up late the night before the big day or get intoxicated, you don't want to walk down -the-aisle swaying because you lack sleep or you have hang over. Sleep early and anticipate a beautiful wedding day full of happiness.

10. And lastly. It's your wedding day, yes, but make sure you don't lose too much focus over it.

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