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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Outdoor Wedding Reception

One of the most practical choices of a wedding reception venue is outdoor. Beach side, lake side, backyard, botanical garden or even a suburban curve road.
Outdoor reception is not only practical but it also signifies coziness and fun, it lessens the stiff, stressful style of a formal wedding in a hotel or fancy restaurant. It allows couple to loosen up after undergoing an insurmountable amount of pressure during the preparation stage. It relaxes everyone and provides a beautiful atmosphere of happiness and unity with both families and friends.
It does not cost you a fortune unlike indoor reception because you don't need to spruce up the venue with decorations, the natural scenery of the surrounding, garden, plants and flowers are enough to adorn the place.
Outdoor reception is always special and very relaxing, and depends on the couple's lifestyle and preferences, the breathtaking beauty of nature in the countryside or the romantic botanical garden always adds warmth to the celebration.
However, as with most venue choices and organizing styles, an outdoor reception poses a significant amount of coordination and preparation to get things done. 
Here are some tips and guide how to pull off an outdoor wedding reception without blunders.
Decide on the venue
Deciding a venue is often based on budget, the size of invited guests, the time of the event and the couple's choice of a kind of celebration. Some of the most practical and popular outdoor wedding receptions are beach side, countryside garden, backyard and lakeside. To avoid creating another trouble in transportation, choose a venue that is closer to the church where the wedding will be celebrated.

Marquee or just a bare space

Whether your wedding is a formal with more than 100 guests or just a casual, exclusive gathering for closest friends and family members, the venue must have its own style and design to go with the affair. If you are deciding on erecting marquees or tents, these entail another cost since you still have to rent for tables, chairs and covers. Work with your organizers (if you have one) or closest friends, to scout for tent rentals, where to look for the sizes, shapes and designs that would fit in the venue or your vision of a beautiful celebration.

Consider the Season

It's always important to consider the season when planning your wedding especially if you decide for an outdoor reception. Are you marrying during the rainy days where storm might be possible to strike? Or are you marrying during the intense summer heat?

Contingency Plan

Always create a contingency plan when deciding for an outdoor reception because anything can happen during the day. Choose a venue where you can set up a campsite or has a pavilion as alternative during rain showers.

Instruct your organizers to secure covers of chairs and tables before the start of the event in case of heavy wind.

Just an Open Space

If you decide to just use tables and chairs in an open space with no tents to cover the guests, make sure this area is not directly hit by the extreme harsh rays of the sun or else your guests will bear the agony of being roasted under the sun. Look for an area where it provides a cooler atmosphere at the time of your wedding reception.

Create a Stylish Venue

Spruce up the area with pastel and soft fabric to make it more relaxing, put scented candles if possible on each table to calm the senses of your guests and make the celebration even more cozy and cool.

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